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Google Brings advancement to its iOS Google Maps by adding ‘Multi-Stop’ Feature

Google Maps has brought a brand new function to its iOS apps, allowing users to add more than one stops to a journey.

Google Maps have just made it easier to plan a road trip for multiple stops on a way. This also helps to avoid abundant traffic on the way to your destination.

This feature was provided to Android phones a month ago while the WEB based version has it for a long time.

To use this feature, simply tap “Add Stop” on your Google Maps on iOS devices. You can also re-arrange the stops by dragging the points to change their order.

Google has also reported a new design for maps this week aside from this new iOS Google Maps Multi-Stop feature.

Google Maps

You might have to wait a couple of days for this update to reach your iOS device because this update is rolling out in phases. After this updates reaches iOS devices, the users will be enjoying this feature same as Android users do.

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