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What’s new with Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows 10 Anniversary Upcoming Update

A big update which is said to be the Microsoft Windows 10 anniversary update will arrive on August 2nd 2016. The anniversary update is named as such it will arrive both a year after the original introduction of windows 10. Windows 10 machines will receive this update for free.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) reported that there are 350 million active Windows 10 devices all around the globe.

So here a question arises that what is new with its anniversary update anyways?

Below are the things that will be included in this new windows 10 update:

  1. Cortana integration comes to the lock screen where a user can ask Microsoft digital assistant questions without unlocking the machine.
  2. Cortana will also gain access to the information like where you went and where you parked your car.
  3. A newer version of Microsoft edge will be presented which is intended to give better battery life and support for extensions.
  4. Windows Ink comes with the anniversary update too. Ink will let you use a stylus to sketch and write notes.
  5. Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Office and Maps will have the ability to support Microsoft Ink.
  6. This update will help users to play games on Xbox One and continue them on windows 10 PC and vice-versa. These games will sync automatically too.
  7. Cortana will also have access to Xbox One.

Other updates include security improvements using Windows Hello and Windows apps.

The Windows 10 Free Update offer is expired now which ended on July 29th this year.

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